Hey there!   I’m Rebecca Marie Colunga…

Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, Animal Lover and Photographer!

I see beauty all around me and I’m moved by the way photographs and video can not only capture a moment, but also how they represent the beauty and fantasy of those moments too!

I have never been comfortable in front of the camera, which is why I always say I was born to be behind the camera! I absolutely know the anxiety some people experience when a camera is pointed at them so, my main goal has always been to make people feel comfortable and beautiful in front of my camera!   I see the insecurities in people and I really focus on finding their confidence and letting their beautiful souls shine!


Fun Facts About Me…

I believe in God, Angels and the Universal Laws of Attraction!

I believe in kindness – check out our Random Acts of Kindness Facebook Page “The Divine Assignment,” which Colleen and I started, along with a few of our good friends!

I believe there are no coincidences in life and everything happens for a perfect reason!

I have a son who is amazing, adorable and ADOPTED!   We believe that he was always meant to be ours, which is why I believe he looks just like me!     We named him after the cool and funky Texas town he was born in – Austin!

I have a Mini Dachshund named Brody “Bro” and I’m slightly obsessed with him and Wiener Dogs!   OK to be fair, I’m pretty obsessed with dogs in general!   I also foster rescue dogs in my spare time and Colleen’s dog, Lola, was one of our foster dogs!

My husband, Gus, is my rock – we were married in 2013 and besides being an AWESOME husband and father, he balances me and was so worth the wait!

Gus and I are currently working on becoming licensed foster parents!   Our main goal is to help keep siblings together in a safe and loving environment while they’re in foster care and away from the comfort of their own parents!     We really felt pulled down this path and we are very excited to begin this journey!