Snap Dollies

When you feel Beautiful Inside, it shows on the Outside. BELIEVE IT!

Photography is such a personal thing and we really like potential clients to feel like they “know” us because we want them to feel natural once we have our cameras pointed at them!!     Getting people comfortable and confident behind the camera is part of our magic and we very much want all our clients to have warm fuzzies from the start to finish!

We are sisters who grew up laughing, fighting and sharing not only a bedroom, but clothes, friends, a car and shoes too!  Our mom was a strong but struggling single parent who worked 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and our biological dad was an alcoholic, who was more of a scary stranger than a role model!   Our mom re-married when we were around the ages of 9 and 10 and we became the modern day version of The Brady Bunch – adding not only just a new step dad but also two step brothers too!   FYI: We never refer to any of them as “STEP” ever!


Our grandma on our biological dad’s side has always played a major role in our lives.   She was kind, loving, innocent and all about family – she called us her little “dollies,” hence where the name Snap Dollies came about.     Right before she passed, she told us how proud she was of our accomplishments and that she truly thought we were “doomed,” seeing that we came from such a “broken home” and chaotic upbringing.  To be honest, we had never felt like victims and it was crazy that we were already labeled as such!   We decided pretty much from that point on that we were not going to let anyone define us and we made sure we would NEVER fall into that victim label!   We know our gram meant well and it was her way of telling us…WE DID IT…WE BEAT THE ODDS! That defining moment really made us focus on encouraging others to never fall into that label either!   So, to shorten our long and somewhat sappy story a bit…we started taking pictures, people started hiring us, and our little family business began growing!

We’re forever learning, building and perfecting our craft and what we believe makes us unique is that fact that we shoot all our sessions and events together, which means our clients get two photographers and two perspectives almost all the time!!! WIN, WIN!!!!   We love to have fun, we’re goofy (but professional), we’ll try anything (once) and love thinking outside the box (A LOT)!!!!     Meeting new people, making new friends, reconnecting with old friends and capturing those moments that go by way too fast truly is what makes us tick!

We have always considered ourselves spiritual photographers and capturing your inner spirit is our main goal!   Let us create magic…let us inspire YOU…let us make you believe!

Thank you for trusting us with your memories!